even if tao gets hurt on stage, he still pretends like nothing happened, he doesn’t want fans to feel worry about him.

because to tao, seeing fans being happy is the only thing he wants.

he wants fans to enjoy the concert in a happy mood with him, with EXO.

he won’t let anything to ruin it. he might be in pain, but fans are the ones he cares about first.



I just realised that Kris is close to Kai Ko (Taiwanese actor), Luhan is close to Chen Bo Lin (Taiwanese actor) and Tao is close to Jaycee Chan/ Fang Zu Ming (Jackie Chan’s son)

And Jaycee, Chen Bo Lin and Kai Ko are like best buddies and often hang out together (photos on instagram)

Praying that these cute guys can plan a meetup together. Its gonna be EPIC.

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